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About Wbiao

Wbiao Technology Co.Ltd(AKA Wbiao) is an internet-platform company that provides service for global watch industry,focuses on
serving global watch ecosystem,devotes to creating value for global watch industry ecosystem.

The six strategic sectors

wbiao.cnGlobal watch Vertical

Wbiao PalaceGlobal watch offline
experience center

Wbiao CraftsmanGlobal watch maintenance

Wbiao ClubWbiao membership club

Wbiao MediaGlobal watch information-interaction media

Wbiao GlobalGlobal watch shops

Supply ChinaManagement Itegrating global
quality watch brands

Luxury SharingSecond-hand watch
leasing/trading platform

Using new media efficiency,disseminating traditional media value.

With the development of mobile internet,New media such as Weibo,webchat and QQ,is no longer limited to the social area.Nowadays,new media shows features of interactivity,immediacy,high-capacity,sharing,hypertext,individualization,and communitization,which is an important way for enterprises and businesses to improve the image of themselves,expand their channels.

2.Watch brands'online&offline sales integration and customer service

Watch brands'online&offline sales integration is an inevitable trend

Product Management

Planning and managem-ent of online&offline bra-nds and categories.

Marketing Management

Collaborative management and Price strategies custo-mization of online&offline sales integration.

Inventory and logistics management

Developing stereoscopic optimize the integration of online&offline inventory management.

Direct-sale Store/door
shop Management

The channels integration needs to define the benefit distribution and balance,unify the brand images.

Customer Service Management

Cross channel service,consistent experience.

Value-added Services

On the prerequisite of basic service,we also offer transnormal,individualized,steward type service.

Customer service

Membership Mangement

Develop the cross channel membership right mechanism.All the members from our cooperative brands can also enjoy our service such as Wbiao craftsman,Wbiao Global,etc.

3.Watch customers'data analysis

Wbiao is authorized by

Shaping and promoting brand image,spreading,selling.

Integrated management

improve the brand recognition,develop brand image,promote marketing

Brand Communication

professional vertical platformhigh net worth consumers

Sale on Wbiao

Cover all the sale channels on the internet

Settle on all channels

Professional customer service team 7*16 hour online service online answer questions Post-sale problem handling

All the brand shops on Wbiao,will have professional operation team to do the daily management work

Product photography,webpage design,shop style design.All aspects of shaping and promoting brand image,activity planning,data tracking and results report

Solutions for brand operations and spreading

Portal Website

new media operationBrand planningspreadingMarketing Planningoffline activitiesbrand positioning

Analysis for search engine key words——
The core target user,consumption psychology and behaviour

  • potential customer
  • Intention customer
  • Established customer
  • interest aroused
  • browse information
  • brand reputation
  • more brand information
  • Generic key words such as“good watch brand”or the related information of watch shopping

  • Generic key words for watch online shopping platforms

  • Reputation key words brand reputation key words

  • Brand information key words

Seach engine marketing has strong optimization potential

Focus on generic key words,improve the brand exposure and reputation

  • potential customer

    Generic key words without
    brand information

  • Intention customer

    long-term maintenance of
    brand reputation

  • Established customer

    learn more about brand

Sharing International Warranty Service system

  • Wbiao craftsman More than 1000 after-sales service points in cities throughout China

  • 7*16 hour online serviceonline shopping guidance in Chinese

  • Online booking after-sales services less waiting time,higher processing efficiency

Wbiao Global Ally the global dealer

Recommend retailers to Chinese customers
Provide convince for retailers overseas to reach Chinese
consumersProvide high-quality service for consumers

Share the big data Seize the market trend

Wbiao big data research&analysis provide
references for brands



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